Name Change Policy Working Group

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The Trans Name Change Policy Working Group was founded to encourage the amendment or updating of publisher name change policies for transgender, nonbinary, gender non-conforming authors who have been deeply harmed from publisher policies. These policies have also harmed people who change their names due to marriage or divorce, indigenous authors with name changes, or foreign authors with misspellings.

This page serves as a knowledge and resource base for the working group, interested individuals, and others. It contains resources for authors who want to update their name on previously published work, resources for publishers who are working to introduce a name change policy and a list of articles and press releases that cite our working group or individual members.

A vision for a more trans-inclusive publishing world

Originally posted at the Committee on Publication Ethics.

Transgender, non-binary, and/or gender diverse—here shortened to “trans”—authors seeking to receive full credit for their work face unique challenges and risks. Trans people do not receive legal protections against discrimination in many countries and states worldwide, putting them at significant risk of discrimination, harassment, and violence. Many experience a particular form of personal trauma connected to their pre-transition identities that makes them especially vulnerable within the academic community. One significant source of epistemic labor, risk, and trauma for transgender authors, is the continued circulation of their previous name. In this article, we present five high level principles for trans-inclusive name changes in academic publishing and consider the implications of such a paradigm shift within the scholarly world.

Some of these suggestions may be more or less difficult to implement, but there is critical and practical value in clearly articulating our values and ideals for a more just and inclusive publishing environment.



This section includes articles on author name changes or press releases from publishers that cite our working group or individual members.
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Resources for Authors

This section includes a list of publishers and journals with existing name change policies, links to articles and editorials we’ve written, as well as email templates for reaching out to publishers.
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Five Guiding Principles and Best Practices

These are the best practices and recommendations that we advocate for.
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Resources for Publishers

This section includes resources for publishers who want to introduce a name change policy.
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